ball bearings

Difference Between Sleeve Bearing vs. Ball Bearing

Bearings are designed to have smooth, low-friction movement. This means the surfaces will glide past each other without friction. For example, a shaft may connect to two axles, both of which may be rotating. Bearings allow one shaft or axle to rotate relative to the other while constraining relative axial motion. Bearings also can provide […]

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Thrust Bearings

An Ultimate Guide on Thrust Bearings

When two objects rotate about the centerline of an object but not in a straight line, a thrust bearing is needed to keep the shaft centered. A thrust bearing is a bearing on which a shaft is thrust axially against another part.  It is a type of rolling-element bearing that permits rotation about an axis […]

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Complete Guide on How Bearings Are Used in Cars

Complete Guide on How Bearings Are Used in Cars

Can we imagine cars without bearings? Bearings are crucial to all pieces of equipment with moving parts. Bearings help to deliver optimized performance, minimize friction and bear heavy loads. Bearings are used everywhere in a car — from gearboxes and steering wheels to wiper blades and rear view mirrors. In the automotive industry, tapper head […]

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Three Life-Changing Environments for Bearings

Bearings are one of the critical pieces of any equipment we can imagine. We can find bearings in all mechanical operations and even a single slip or problem in the bearing and bushes can lead to inadvertent issues. Bearings can be used in various conditions: low or high temperatures, corrosive environments and every other possible […]

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Steps Useful In Installations And Removal Of The Bushing

Imagine a world without any machinery. Daunting, ain’t it? Similarly, the manufacturing sector without bearings and bushings  is unimaginable. Though every part of the machine has its role to play, these two are of paramount importance. Even if one goes off, the whole machinery is rendered useless and needs absolute fixing.  No matter how insignificant […]

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bearing lubrication

Understanding The Major Three Mistakes Of Bearing Lubrication

Let’s read a simple analogy to understand a complex problem. The human performance of any activity is directly dependent on its bones. Though there is a related mental aspect, your body cannot perform the activity without using the bones. Similarly, for the majority of machines’ performance, they depend on bearings. Even though there are other […]

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Flange Bearing

The Facts About Flange Bearings & How They Work?

If you are in the food or automation industry, you would have heard the term — flange bearings. If not, read through as this articulation shall guide you through the specifics of flange bearings. From its working to its application, let us go through this special type of bearings in detail. What are flange bearings? […]

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Don’t Blame It On The Bearings

A perfect bearings product in the wrong market leads to failure. For this, should we blame the product or the market? The answer is neither. We need to rectify the product-market fit.  However, in businesses, it is simpler to blame the product for being inefficient. Or to blame the market for not recognizing true potential.  […]

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refurbishing your bearings

Cost-saving Tip: Why To Consider Refurbishing Your Bearings?

There are not many pieces of machinery in the world that do not accommodate a bearing. From a skateboard to aircraft, bearings are well, universal. Its extensive use means it also accumulates fatigue. What next? Is it necessary to refurbishing your bearings? Bearing replacement or refurbishing is essential for the smooth functioning of the parts […]

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Journal Bearings

Journal Bearings – An Overview

Journal Bearings: Quite a fundamental block of modern machinery is the use of movement. Most often, rotating movement is leveraged to utilize raw power. These are furthered into useful work in every step of life. From a simple cycle to earth-moving machinery, rotation is the key.  For any rotating piece of equipment, there are two […]

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