White Metal bearing

White Metal Bearing

White Metal bearing manufacturing facilities are fully supported. Consequently, its impressive load-bearing capacity is a tin-based white metal used in thrust, camshaft, crosshead, and main bearings. Our experts bearing manufacturers, with new design, support the end-users in the field with current equipment. Our dedicated team has access to the latest systems, bearing prediction software, monitoring […]

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Tri-Metal bearings

Tri-metal Bearings

Big End Bearing or  Connecting Rod Bearing Material SAE 794 – CuPb24Sn3 Material SAE 783 – AlSn20Cu The combination of softness and strength of this bearing material has a composite structure. For example, the property of it included high fatigue strength, operating temperature, and high strength. These properties have led to tri-metal bearings in compressor […]

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Cast Aluminum Tin Bushing

Cast Aluminium Tin Bushing

SAE 770 – AlSn6Cu This bushing is high in tin and aluminum base, which adopts steel as support and is coating with AlSn6Cu through rolling treatment. It is suitable for resistance, load capacity and performs well in the bearings’ sliding properties. Consequently, it is widely applied under high speed, low loads as international combustion, cooling […]

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Bimetallic Bronze Bushing

Bimetallic Bushing

Bimetallic bushings with  steel back and sintered bronze / aluminium alloy lining. Monometallic bushings in bronze or C10 steel with heat treatment (surface hardening). Wound, open (Split type) or sealed through single or double clinch. Indented or smooth lining according to customers specifications.

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Main Bearing Flange

Main Bearing Flange Type

Main bearing flange units consist of an enclosure bearing mounted in the housing, bolted to machine wall or frame. The collection includes units compliant with standards based on ISO, North American, and Japanese Industrial. With the assortment, you can find units for nearly all requirements regarding bold patterns or locking on the shaft.

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