Bimetallic Bearing and Bushing

Heavy Duty Bearings and Bushing
Bimetallic Bearing and Bushing
  • Material SAE 49 - CuPb24Sn
  • Material SAE 792 - CuSn10Pb10

Bimetallic Bearing And Bushing

A bimetal bearing and bushing is oil-free lubricating bearings. It is perfect for medium and speed or high and medium load. The friction surface adapts to use under the various lubrication condition through special technology. This product is widely used in automotive engines, geat pumps, and lifting equipment.

Bushing manufacturers completed a range of bimetallic high precision bushings with ball ranges and surfaces in semi and finished sizes. Ranging is around 8 to 15mm outside diameter as per the consumer designation. The compact geometry can also provide on the sliding surface for better circulation of lubrication.