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Top Differences Between Single and Double-Row Bearings

Top Differences Between Single and Double-Row Bearings

Bearings and bushings are essential components in many types of machinery and come in various styles. There are several benefits to using ball bearings, regardless of whether they are single or double row types. However, finding the best Bearings and bushes suppliers are crucial to buy the best and ensure longevity. 

Some of the advantages of ball bearings include:

  • They can handle both radial and thrust loads
  • They can operate at high speeds
  • They have a low coefficient of friction, meaning they require less energy to run.
  • They are durable and have a long lifespan
  • They require little maintenance

Single-row and double-row ball bearings are two of the most common types. But what’s the difference between them? And how can you tell which type you need for your application?

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What are Single Ball Bearing & Double Ball Bearing?  

Single-row ball bearings are the most common type of bearing. They are designed to carry radial loads but can also handle some axial loads in either direction. Double-row ball bearings carry radial and axial loads in both directions. The main difference between the two types of bearings is the number of rows of balls. Single-row bearings have one row of balls, while double-row bearings have two rows.

The Main Differences Between the Single Bearing & Double Bearings

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The main differences between single-row and double-row ball bearings are:

  • Single-row ball bearings are designed for applications where high-speed rotation is not necessary. It means that the bearing can be made using cheaper materials and less precision manufacturing processes, which makes them cheaper to produce and sell. They’re also more flexible than double-row bearings because they only have one row of balls — instead of two.


  • Double-row ball bearings are designed for applications where high speeds are essential because they allow for more accurate objects motion positioning. In addition, the extra row in a double-row bearing provides more load-bearing capacity and stiffness than in a single-row bearing. Therefore, double-row bearings must be manufactured more expensively to withstand more extreme temperatures without deforming or losing their shape (which would cause friction).


  • Another way to tell the difference between these two types of bearings is by looking at the contact angle. Single-row ball bearings have a contact angle of 0 degrees, while double-row ball bearings have a contact angle of 45 degrees. It means that double-row bearings can handle higher loads than single-row bearings.


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Why is Double Row Ball Bearings Better?

There are many reasons why double-row ball bearings are better than single-row ball bearings. One reason is that they can carry higher loads. Double-row ball bearings can also take higher radial loads and higher axial loads than single-row ball bearings. 

Another advantage of double-row ball bearings is that they have a lower moment of inertia, which means they can start up faster and accelerate more quickly.

Double-row ball bearings also have a higher degree of stiffness than single-row ball bearings. It means they are less likely to deform under load, leading to premature failure. Finally, double-row ball bearings have a higher natural frequency than single-row ball bearings, which means they will vibrate less under load and last longer.

Let it be single or double ball bearing, finding the right bearing manufacturers near you is a crucial factor you must consider before shopping for them.   

The Benefits of Single-Row and Double-Row Ball Bearings

Some of the advantages of single row ball bearings over double row ball bearings include:

  • Single row ball bearings can carry higher radial loads than double row ball bearings of the same size.
  • They are less expensive than double-row ball bearings
  • They are more widely available than double-row ball bearings

Some of the advantages of double row ball bearings over single row ball bearings include:

  • Double row ball bearings can carry higher thrust loads than single row ball bearings of the same size.
  • They have a higher speed rating than single-row ball bearings
  • They can be found in a wider range of sizes than single-row ball bearings

How to Pick the Right Size and Type of Bearings and Bushes?

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Consider the load

The first step in choosing the right size and type of ball bearing is to consider the load. What is the weight of the object that the bearing will support? What type of forces will be exerted on the bearing? Knowing the answer to these questions will help determine the size and type of ball bearing best for your application.

Consider the environment

Another important factor to consider when choosing a ball bearing is the environment in which it will be used. Will the bearing be exposed to dirt, water, or other corrosive materials? Will it be subject to extreme temperatures? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you choose a ball bearing designed to withstand the conditions it will face.

Consider the application

Finally, you need to consider what application the ball bearing will be used for. Will it be used in a high-speed application such as a motor or pump? Or will it be used in a low-speed application such as a door hinge? Choosing ball bearings and bushes that are designed for your specific application will help ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Find the Best Bearing & Bushes Suppliers Near You

Many types of ball bearings & bushes are available on the market, but how do you know which one is right for your application? Single row and double row ball bearings have advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. At Hi-bond bearings Pvt Ltd, one of the best bearings and bushes suppliers, you will get the best bearing product at an affordable rate.