Choosing Flange Bearings Types, Applications & More

Guide to Choosing Flange Bearings: Types, Applications & More

We’ve all heard that industrial bearings reduce friction in machinery, but have you heard of flange bearings? These bearings have a special design and are engineered by dedicated flange bearing manufacturers to meet specific requirements. Their sturdiness, water resistance, and dirt resistance make them ideal for mounting in rotary or linear motion applications. Many prefer […]

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Bearing Failure Common Reasons, Stages & Preventative Measures

Bearing Failure: Common Reasons, Stages & Preventative Measures

Bearings and bushings play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of various machines and equipment, from automobiles to industrial machinery.  Bearings allow for the rotational or linear movement of machinery parts, reducing friction and wear and tear. However, bearings are subject to failure due to various factors, causing severe damage to the equipment and […]

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